Once every four years, Dr. Foth returns to his roots in Saskatchewan for a three day family reunion of 255 of his closest relatives.  They come from as far as England for this event which is reminiscent of the 50's but updated by the younger generation with a family website and the organization being done by computer.  The reunion revolves around Moose Jaw, Regina, Rouleau (where Dr. Foth was born in the hospital) and Hearne.  While there, the Doctor visited Saskatoon and some small towns.  He also gave a fundraising speech for The Government House in Regina.


Here are some highlights.

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 Dr. Foth by the famous sign on the main street of Biggar, Saskatchewan.

Dr. Foth at the family reunion with his grandchildren Quinn & Lauren Fotheringham





Dr. Foth in front of the (now abandoned) house he was raised in.  There are presently 4 residents in Hearne.
Outlook, Saskatchewan boasts it has the longest walking bridge in the world.  Here is Dr. Foth about to go for a long walk. Dr. Foth lunching with the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, Linda Haverstock    Dr. Foth giving a fundraiser speech for The Government House of Saskatchewan.